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All vehicles need maintenance and this must be done from time to time. At J&K Tire & Auto Service we make sure to keep your vehicle in optimal conditions for your use.

Here are some examples of when your vehicle probably needs a Tune-Up.

1. Greater difficulty to start the car.
If your car has trouble starting, it can indicate a number of problems (a weak battery or a fuel pump, for example), but it can also be an ignition problem that would solve a simple Tune-Up.

2. Occasional or frequent arrests.
If your vehicle stops while it is running, it often points to faulty spark plugs or dirty connectors (the car stops because the fuel does not start as it should).

3. Bump or idle / sudden acceleration sounds. 

If your vehicle hits when accelerating or when climbing hills, it is usually a sign of some engine inefficiency. Also, if the car seems to be idling or accelerating sharply, it may be that one or more spark plugs do not start. A tune-up can solve this problem or, sometimes, it can point to some other necessary repair.

4. Bad gas mileage.
The low fuel efficiency is a sign that your car is not burning fuel as it should, which often points to defective or dirty spark plugs or fuel injection problems. If this is the case, an overhaul should improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

5. Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations.
Even if your car shows no signs of trouble, it may still be time for an adjustment to avoid symptoms.

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